Reinvention with Kathryn Heyman & Jenny Valentish

October 7

HPortrait images of Kathryn Heyman and Jenny Valentish, linking to the State Library of NSW osted by the State Library of NSW, as part of its Author Talks Series.

So much that seemed sure in the world is now uncertain, and the way we live demands interrogation. In this time of retreat and consideration, it’s time for some real thinking and talking around key questions. How do we reinvent? How do we make ourselves, and our culture, different and better?

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Ubud Writers Festival 2021

October 8 – 17

Logo of Ubud Writers Festival 2021

I’ll be speaking with Nicole Abadee about Fury for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, online in early October.

Next Level Masterclass 

October 15

Next Level Masterclass with Kathryn Heyman and Jill Dawson

Are you ready to step up to the next level in your writing career? Want to know how to get that extra spark to get you further? Whether you’ve published your first book and need to make the next one stand out; or you’ve finished your first novel and want to know how to give it the best possible chance of success – how to get your ideal agent to take notice, or get publishers biting – this unique international masterclass is for you.

Acclaimed authors Jill Dawson and Kathryn Heyman will talk you through the crucial elements you need to get you to the next level. Writing the perfect synopsis, connecting with the right publishers, utilising your strengths to create a buzz around your book, presenting your work in public and how to talk about your work: we’ll look at the elements that can make all the difference in your public writing life.

You’ll discover how to write the perfect agent submission letter and how to hone your opening chapters so that they’ll long for more. We’ll finish off with a top London agent who will help you understand what you need to do to get to the top of their pile, and to get your agent working for you.

You’ll finish this dynamic masterclass with a clear understanding of what you need to do to get to the next level, and a new set of tools to get you there.

Bookings: https://immersionwriting.com/next-level/

Events update

With New South Wales back in lockdown, the rolling program of exciting writers festivals has been postponed until the end of this year and early next year. I’d been so looking forward to conversations at Byron Bay, to talking about Fury with Rick Morton in Canberra and with Clem Bastow at the Melbourne Writers Festivals. New dates to be announced.

However…. Lockdown at least frees up the chance for more online events! Silver lining!

Yarra Valley Writers Festival

July 18

Yarra Valley Writers Festival



Thirroul, Collins Books

June 30

Kathryn Heyman in conversation with Caroline Baum

Speaking with Caroline Baum about Fury in Thirroul as part of the events series hosted by Collins Books.

[This event has taken place]


Sydney Writers Festival 1

April 26

Making Truth from Story and Story from Truth 2pm – 5pm [This event has taken place]

Sydney Writers Festival 2

April 29

States of Mind 10am [This event has taken place]
With Ashley Hay and others, Kathryn discusses the importance of community, to celebrate Griffith Review


Sydney Writers Festival 3

April 29

2pm – 3.00pm [This event has taken place]
Kathryn Heyman and Veronica Heritage-Gorrie

More details here.

Brisbane Writers Festival

May 8

12pm States of Mind [This event has taken place]
With Ashley Hay and David Stavinger.

More details here.


May 12

Words After Dark at Antipodes Bookshop
Come and share wine and words, hearing from Kathryn Heyman’s acclaimed memoir of recovery and reinvention.

More details here.


May 13

The Collective, 139 Elgin St Carlton

Hosted by Readings Carlton.

We are delighted to bring you a conversation with feminist writer Karen Pickering and Kathryn Heyman as they reflect on the wider stories of class, and of growing up female with all its risks and rewards.

Kathryn Heyman’s Fury is a memoir of courage and determination, of demanding joy and demanding to be seen. This is a roadmap of recovery and transformation, this is the story of becoming heroic in a culture which does not see heroism in the shape of a girl. This is a story of inspiration.

More details here.


May 18

Gleebooks – Kathryn Heyman in conversation with broadcaster Jennifer Byrne

More info here.

Online/Cambridge – Cambridge Literature Festival

May 22

More details here