The Accomplice

Published in hardback by Hodder Headline in May 2003

‘You can almost smell the seasalt… a superb mix of lyricism and economy.’

– Sunday Herald, UK

‘(Heyman) brings a freshness to the story in a book that is determinedly, and deeply, atmospheric.’

– The Age (Melbourne)

‘A cross between Robinson Crusoe and Lord of the Flies. A powerful read.’

– Tracey Chevalier, The Guardian


– The Australian

‘Heyman is in tune with the nuances and the ettiqutte of the age. It’s a shocking story, but she has a real gift for its telling.’

– Daily Mirror

‘A terrifying tale of order descending into chaos and anarchy, and of love overtaken by betrayal and death.’

– Oxford Times

‘Darkly haunting …. Judith, the eldest daughter of a migrant Dutch family, is torn by her loyalty to her strict religious upbringing and her love for an enigmatic nobleman Conraat. Haunted by guilt for the rest of her life, her memories of the terrifying times are vivid and relentlessly disturbing. Beautifully written.’

– Australian Women’s Weekly

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring meets Heart of Darkness. At once beautiful in its composition and terrifying.’

– QPD Review

‘(Heyman’s) descriptions of the voyage are impressively detailed… The Accomplice is carefully paced … the suspense is quietly constructed and not too hastily broken. Heyman has great material to work with. The characters are intriguing and well drawn…an enjoyable read’

– Sydney Morning Herald

‘One of the most affecting releases so far this year… It is history imbued with brilliant imagination.’

– Gold Coast Bulletin

‘This is the essence of good fiction.’

– Canberra Times

‘Fascinating…It has all the ingredients—sex, power, madness and skerricks of good amidst a wall of evil.’

– Geraldton Guardian