Early praise for ‘Floodline’

floodline1“Heyman’s cool-eyed compassion for her characters draws out their humanity while staring hard at their flaws. The marvel is that the frailty she discovers in her women and men turns out to be the foundation of their greatest strengths. It is a paradox notated in language of poetic force and loveliness. A moving, graceful and fiercely interrogated work.”
Geordie Williamson, chief LIterary Critic, The Australian

“Kathryn Heyman’s fifth novel has a parable-like quality reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road…. Indomitably redemptive.”
The Weekend Australian

“Heyman tackles diverse topics in this ambitious novel, from the limits of disaster relief to family secrets, from the sanctity of life to homophobia. Although her portrait of evangelical Christianity is scathing, it’s also subtle, especially in her superb portraits of the boys’ spiritual worlds… Floodline is a startling and confronting – and yet open-hearted – novel.”
Adelaide Advertister

“Guaranteed to keep you hooked.”
The West Australian

“Floodline is quite brilliant in its observation of human behaviour and the way tragedy brings out the best and worst in different people. Heyman balances a book that is preoccupied with tragedy with moments of great humour…most definitely an award contender.”
Culture Street

“I LOVED this novel. A novel where the strong narrative drive tempts you to race ahead, but the quality of the writing invites a slower read, and demands savouring. Heyman’s voice is very much her own, with a physicality and erotic charge in the writing that is highly original; but if there’s a hint of anyone it’s the American author Barbara Kingsolver – important themes, and the lives of the dispossessed brought poignantly to life. Assured, compelling, moving, this is a masterful novel, and a mature novel, by turns funny, tender and powerful.”
Jill Dawson, author of The Great Lover

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