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Artist in Residence, Bundanon Trust

in June I’ll be one of the residents glorious Bundanon. The pic to the left is of the main building in full bloom. Arthur Boyd’s family made a gift of this beautiful property to Australian artists of all flavours. It’s set in blueish hills, near a river, and wombats wander about the place at dusk. Last time I was in residence, I stayed in the Musician’s Cottage (that’s it below) where I tinkled on the piano that had just the week before been played by the sublimely wonderful Katie Noonan. Such a shame that she wasn’t there to hear how a George song should really be played (chord, pause, chord – no, sorry, wait, wrong chord – …). This time I’m in the Sherman studio, with the ghosts of visual artists haunting my dreams. It’s a special place, rich with Australian art history, and an example of extraordinary generosity. I’m grateful for it.

May 2011 Kathryn Heyman & Jill Dawson at The John Osbourne Arvon Centre

With fellow novelist JIll Dawson, I’ll be leading a one week residential writing course at the lovely John Osbourne Arvon Centre in Shropshire (The Hurst), on the edge of Wales.  Details here. Set up by Ted Hughes, the Arvon Foundation has been running residential writing courses in the UK  – led by established writers – for… Continue Reading

Writer in Residence, Bundanon

I’m always inspired by our forbears who thought ahead to future generations; the ones who thought to plant rows of trees along walks that would never grow in their lifetime. Arthur Boyd, the Australian artist, was such a one. In his estate, he gifted his property, Bundanon ( to future generations of artists, musicians and… Continue Reading

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