Australian Writers Mentoring Programme

Are you working on a full length book of fiction or non-fiction?
Need help getting to the end, or seeing the shape of your story?
Kathryn Heyman offers mentoring to a small group of Australian writers through the Australian Writers Mentoring Programme

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

“The structure of the Curious Incident owes a great deal to Kathryn Heyman, with whom I was teaching a course some years ago. She was talking to the students about structure… as she spoke, the heavens opened, angels sang..”
– Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

“Kathryn is an inspirational and charismatic teacher. With her trademark energy, humour, and profound understanding of story structure, she encouraged me to ask the hard questions. With her help, within my target year I had a completed novel..and an agent.”
Jane Rusbridge, author of The Devil’s Music (Bloomsbury, London), Longlisted for Impac International Award

“Kathryn coupled an unfailingly positive encouragement with a keen, constructively critical eye… she is passionate about the work of those she guides. She is a fantastic teacher, a methodical organiser – I cannot think of anyone more qualified as a mentor. I would not have published my short story collection, nor won my BAFTA, without her influence. I owe her big time.”
Raymond Soltysek, BAFTA winner and author of Occasional Demons

The program runs with a small number of writers, usually twice yearly.

All information on the program including fees and application processes is at www.writermentors.com

Mentoring is personal, and focused, and works best when there is a good fit between the mentor and the new writer; it also works best when the new writer is ready to move to the next stage with their work. If you’re not accepted into the program, we’ll let you know why, and suggest other ways forward.

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